Lil Hammies Poem

Here is a beautiful heartwarming poem that has been lovingly written by my friend Val. My Lil' Hammie Love, a poem about Val's dear little hamster.

My Lil' Hammie Love

By Val

What would you think a Hamster is worth?
So little and naked the moment of birth
With brilliant black eyes that shine with love
Lil' Hammie you were sent from heaven above

Those long white whiskers wiggle o' so sweet
While you gazed up at me to sniff out your treat
Grandchildren watched her with such delight
As she runs so fast on her wheel each night

From your tip of your ears to your pink button nose
You were completely adorable right down to your toes
With the world's smallest hands holding on to eat
So cute sitting straight up on your tiny back feet.

I loved your way that you would pause in place
freezing swiftly to groom and wash your face
Your soft silky fur colored white and black
And your little cheek pouches that you loved to pack.

Abused by past others you were frightened by touch
Lil' Hammie I'm honored, yes you have taught me so much
With each day we would cuddle while building our bond
While forgetting those past days Lil' Hammie, they're gone

The comfort you found from my soft soothing voice
As I watched you learn to trust me and live a life to rejoice
I wondered back then what your thoughts were filled of
It's certain to me your my greatest Hammie Love

So what would you think a Hamster is worth?
Open your heart and you will see
It's everything she gave, she gave for free
by the amount of joy she brought to me

My heart weighs heavy and is sorrow packed
It feels so selfish to say but I do want you back
Rainbow Bridge now is your place to be
as My Sweet Lil' Hammie shall wait for me

Run free my darling Lil' Hammie

Copyright © Val