~Guinea Pig Quiz~

Here is a fun way to test your guinea pig knowledge. If you score 8 or more, you have passed the quiz. Don't worry if your score is less than 8, just refresh the page and try again. As an added bonus, you'll learn extra things you never knew about guinea pigs. More guinea pig quiz's coming soon!

1. Which area of the world did the guinea pig originate from?


Las Vegas

South America


2. How Many teeth do guinea pigs have?

22 teeth

28 teeth

16 teeth

20 teeth

3. Which of these breeds is not a guinea pig breed?





4.If you had 3 guinea pigs, how many toe nails would they have between them?





5. What is Malocclusion?

A problem with the teeth

A problem with the eyes

A problem with the ears

A problem with the liver

6. Where is it normal for a guinea pig to have bald spots?

Under the belly

Under the chin

Behind the ears

On the rump

7. What does the word coprophagy mean?

Another name used to describe scent marking

Term used when a guinea pig eats their own droppings

A guinea pigs mating dance

A guinea pig that is a sleep

8. On a guinea pig, where is the grease gland?

Under their feet

Guinea pigs don't have one.

On their nose

On the guinea pig's rump

9. When stroking your guinea pigs head and they nudge your hand, what are they trying to tell you?

They want some food

To keep stroking their head

They need the toilet

They are telling you stop stroking their head

10. What is CCT short for?

Chips, cabbage and toast

Clean cavy toes

Cambridge Cavy Trust

Cavy camping trip

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